Chiquilin Spanish Hot Paprika Pimenton Picante, 2.6 oz /Pimentón picante lata 75 g

Hot Spanish Paprika, or Pimenton Picante, is a must-have spice for any well-stocked Spanish pantry. The beautifully designed 2.64-ounce tins from Spain contain a bold red powdered spice that adds natural color and smoky spiced flavor to your favorite Mediterranean recipes. In particular, try this spice in your next paellas to brighten up the color and add depth of flavor. The peppers are grown on the highly fertile banks of the Tiltar River. The peppers are harvested and smoked until fragrant and their natural sweetness is at its peak, before being dried carefully over two weeks. Then, the dried peppers are ground into a fine powder for sprinkling into dishes. Chiquilin is a Spanish brand known for making high-quality herbs and spices that bring homemade Spanish cooking to life around the world

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