Paella Gas Burner - Professional Outdoor - 3 rings - T600

Sturdy, with larger gas chamber and greater power.

Needle valve stopcock
Obstruction free.
Greater flame control at maximum and minimum levels.

Patented Optim System
Increased gas output.
More powerful, abundant flame. Lateral flame position.
Greater flame reach.
Better combustion.

T-600 Butane/Propane, suitable for butane at 29 mbar and propane at 37 mbar only.
Burner diameter, 24 inches (60 cm).
Recommended diameter of paella pan:
One ring lit, 28 to 38 cm.
2 Rings lit, 20 to 24 inches (50 to 60 cm). olla6 Capacity, 50-150 liters.
3 Rings lit,  32 to 36 inches (80 to 90 cm). olla6 Capacity, 150-200 liters.

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