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Paella Pan Kit w/Gas Burner - Polished Steel - 15-Inch (38 cm) - up to 8 servings

  • Stand Set Eco Set by Castevia Imports. Polished Steel Paella Pan 15-Inch 38cm up to 8 servings + Gas Burner + Squared Tripod support legs.
  • Polished Steel Paella Pan recommendations: BEFORE FIRST USE: Boil water in the recipient, then rinse it with soap and water. Avoid scratches or bumps. Another method is to cook a small amount of onion on the pan, then boil it with the water. When water starts to boil, remove water and wash thoroughly.
  • PRECAUTIONS DURING USE: Never apply heat to an empty recipient. Avoid overheating or abrupt changes in temperature. MAINTENANCE: Clean the recipient with water and detergent. Once clean, dry immediately. Do not let it air dry. Use a clean paper towel to apply oil to both sides of the pan, this avoids rust.
  • Watch video on how to keep your paella pan clean: https://youtu.be/N3YP_XQb4eE
  • Watch video on how to assembly ecoset: https://youtu.be/WH8BUTL6LFU

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