Botanical Infusions for Gintonic - Fusion by Carmencita - 9 sachets - 0.9 oz (25.5 g)

  • Carmencita Botanical Infusions for Gin and Tonic, this pack contains 9 sachets of assorted botanical species: 3 floral gin, 3 spicy gin and 3 mystic gin. Made in Spain by Carmencita.
  • How to use: Pour 50 ml of gin into a glass, let the bag brew for 2 minutes, add ice and stir very well, add tonic (about 200 ml).
  • Ingredients: GINTONIC FUSION FLORAL: Hibiscus flower, dehydrated strawberry, dehydrated blueberry and strawberry flavoring.
  • GINTONIC FUSION SPICY: Cardamon, orange peel, lemon peel, cinnamon and cinnamon flavoring.
  • GINTONIC FUSION MYSTIC: Ginger, orange peel, pink pepper and orange flavoring.

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