Paella Kit Box with Black Rice by Carmencita - 2 Portions

  • In an attempt to bring the concept of paella to the world, Carmencita has developed "Paella kit" for consumers who want everything they need to make paella in a single product.
  • "Paella kit Box" contains the sachet with the dehydrated fish broth containing spices and saffron, the pack of  rice and the bottle of extra virgin olive oil needed to make paella. All of these ingredients are in the precise proportion needed to make four paella servings in 20-25 minutes.
  • All you need inside to make a black rice paella. - Improved recipe - Contains: 1 sachet of dry stock 0.88 oz, 1 bag of rice 7.05 oz and 1 bottle of olive oil 1.01 fl oz. Ingredients: Rice: rice. Oil: extra virgin olive oil. Dry stock: spices (paprika, garlic, onion, ñora pepper, pepper and saffron), salt, natural flavourings (contain crustaceans, fish and seafood extract), squid ink, tomato, sugar, anti-caking (silicon dioxide) and colour (curcumin). 
  • Video recipe:

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