Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Truffle Oil | Aceite Artesanal de Oliva Extra Virgen con Trufas | 750 ml/26.36 oz

  • The extra virgin olive oil chosen comes from the old Mill La Veronica in Tarazona, at the foot of Mount Moncayo, in Aragón, Spain. On the slopes of Moncayo, the Cierzo blows, a strong, dry and cold wind that prevents the olive trees from having any kind of plague. The families, owners of small plots of 40-60-80 olive trees, mostly varieties of Arbequina and Empeltre, traditionally come in December to eat in the fields while shaking and picking olives, which bring to the Mill. The Mill works as it did 300 years ago, the olives are washed, they go through a screw where the paste remains. In each "capacho" (esparto disk) rest about 5 kilos of olive paste, and about 100 capachos are piled up to be pressed. There, before going to the press, what falls by its weight, is locally called "the Volunteer" because nobody forces it. Technically it is called "Flower or Tears", an organic EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) , without chemical treatments for cultivation, harvested by hand, and collected before pressing. We flavored by first dipping the peeled garlic in the drums containing EVOO, turning daily for several days. Then we add natural truffle aromas made with truffles and vegetables. The time and temperature until the EVOO internalize the aromas is our secre

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