Paella wine & beer festival

Paella wine & beer festival

Paella wine and beer festival

Feel, live, enjoy


Can you listen the sound of the Guitarra flamenca?

Can you smell the parfume of the Sangria?

Let the spanish atmosphere surround you: welcome to the paella wine&beer festival!

This unique festival gives you the opportunity to live a magical spanish culinary and cultural experience.

It’s the most important spanish festival in the USA.

Do you love music?  Do you like enjoy high quality and healthy food? Do you appreciate the flavour of very good wine? If the answer is yes, you can’t miss it. You will going to experience the greatest event of Summer 2017.

Top spanish chiefs will prepare for you traditional Spanish tapas. A truly memorable culinary journey to Andalucía, the royal region of tapas. Tapas are only the beginning:

The main character of this festival is the colorful delicious tasty Paella! Not a simple one, but the real Paella, that will be cooked follow the traditional Spanish valencian recipe.

A really unique experience!

You’ll enjoy delicious dishes which preparation recollects hundreds of generations of Spanish recipes.

Cooking is without doubt a kind of Art. It’s a composition of flavours, colors and smells.

At the paella wine & beer festival you’ll taste unique flavours that only high quality and carefully selected raw materials guarantee. Let’s celebrate these culinary artworks with a glass of delicious Sangria.

Every single detail represent a little corner of Spain.

Live music of Spanish rock and flamenco songs let your body moves!

So…what are you waiting for?  Unlimited beer, wine and paella cooked by the 50 more acclaimed paella chefs and Live music…

Do you need more? You can meet the Castevia imports president and its fantastic team!

The greatest valencian paella pans company in the USA. Every day we bring to your homes the spanish culinary culture. Tradition and tecnology band together to create the perfect, saver and aesy-to-clean products.


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